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Bukobaba Essentials Inc.

The Premium Bukobaba Bundle

The Premium Bukobaba Bundle

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Love all 12 of Bukobaba’s coconut essentials?
Looking for a gift for your foodie friend?

Save 25% and enjoy our whole line of Bukobaba Essentials with The Premium Bukobaba Bundle!

$141 Value
(Price reduced as we are currently sold out of our Coconut Jams and 
Coconut Chewies.)

Bundle Includes:

  • 100% Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Classic Coconut Jam (SOLD OUT)

  • Cacao Coconut Jam (SOLD OUT)

  • Coconut Cider Vinegar

  • Coconut Black Vinegar

  • Coconut Amino Sauce

  • Coconut Nectar Syrup
  • Coconut MCT + Lauric Acid

  • Coconut Sugar

  • Coconut Sweet Chilli Jerky
  • Coconut Mango Banana Chewies (SOLD OUT)

  • Coconut Mango Calamansi Chewies (SOLD OUT)
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