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Bukobaba Essentials Inc.

Coconut MCT + Lauric Acid

Coconut MCT + Lauric Acid

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Bukobaba Coconut MCT is derived exclusively from our organic coconuts. Medium-chain triglycerides are an efficient source of energy particularly for the brain because they’re rapidly broken down in the liver and immediately absorbed into the body. Our MCT is also an excellent source of 12-carbon lauric acid, which makes monolaurin in the body; a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-protozoal, anti-fungal, and anti-viral monoglyceride compound.

Take 1-3 teaspoons a day directly on its own, add it to your salads, coffee, or any beverage of your choice.

  • Keto, Vegan, & Paleo Friendly
  • Palm Free
  • Sugar Free
  • No Cholesterol
  • No Preservatives
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Unflavoured
  • Unscented
  • Boost Energy
  • Improve Brain Function
  • Increase Fat Burning
  • Balance Cholesterol Levels
  • Increase Immunity
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